BTVi3 Mini User Guide


STEP 1. Turn On the BTVi3

Step 2. (Optional) Skip Opening Commercials. Once on the Home screen start pushing the Blue BTV button on the remote control rapidly. It will bypass first set of commercials. To bypass second set of commercials on the Home Screen go to "Settings" then "Apps" then click right into the BTV App.

Step 3. Click LIVE TV in the MAIN menu. Go to US Channels.
Choose A channel to watch. Click on the Center Round buton on remote, a menu will appear at the top of the screen that will you to pause and stop channel. Always use the Circle Back button on the remote to back out of things.

Click To MOVIES in the Main menu, once highlights on a movie, you can click on the MENU Button on the remote control to choose Auto Play or simply click on the Movie...
a list of links will appear, start by choosing one lower on the list, 

Click into TV SHOWS in the Main menu, click on a TV Show then, choose a Season, then once highlighted on an Episode you can click on the MENU button to Auto PLay or click on the Episode and a list of links will appear.

SIMPLE RULE. with 1000s of links available from all over the world, not all of hem work perfectly, be patient it may take a few times to find a link that works to your liking. 

THOSE ARE THE BASIC, KEEP IT SIMPLE WHEN FIRST STARTING. You can then later start to move around the BTVi3 and slowly explore all the other options and content available to you.


From time to time a few situations will occur in which either the BTVi3 will update itself and times when you will confirm an update or perform an update which will be optional.

1. In the top left hand corner of the screen, at the start of the BTV App, you may notice a small banner showing various addons updating, some are successful and some say FAILED which in fact does not matter much. Let the updates finish before proceedings, if not it will be difficult to navigate.

2. An Update to the BTV may appear from time to time in the form of a NOTICE right in the middle of the screen. Simply Click on Confirm, usually takes a minute to download. some of these may be an update to an Application...Once a white screen appears, arrow down and click "Install", once installed, click "Done" and return to the Main Menu. 

From time to time Legacy Direct makes available a new version of the BTV Main Menu and addons. Usually addons that are no longer working are taken out and sometime new one are added. To install the " Newest Version you will go to the App Market on the homescreen, then click on ALL ACCESS icon. Launch the App then you should see the Current Version is...and the Newest Version on the Circle Button on the remote and download.

Video Tutorial

Syncing The Live TV Guide

This is to adjust time zone so that the guide brings up the exact content that is playing for any particular channel you choose. Click into the LIVE TV Icon, this will bring up the LIVE TV Guide. Push the “Menu Button” on the remote (lt has 3 horizontal bars)...then choose Options, then scroll down and click on EPG. Set then set the time zone to (-07:00 for Pacific - 6 Central, -5 Mountain, -4 Eastern). Press OK. Go back in to Options but this time click on Database. Choose Clear Data Base and then click OK. Exit The LIVE TV APP.​​
The Basics Functions And Navigation

INTERNET SPEED CHECK - Go to APPS on the desktop, Find and click on the Speed Test App. Click the “Mouse" button (bottom right of CENTER button) on the remote and then the “arrow up" button and mouse will appear. Place mouse on "Begin Test" then click OK. Test will begin. Once you are finished, click on the "Return Button" (directly  below the CENTER button). To use the BTVi3 must have at least 10mps to run the majority of the media effectively.

USING MOUSE - Click on the “Mouse” button located bottom right of the CENTER button. Push the “arrow up” & mouse will appear. To deactivate, click the “Mouse“ button again.

ADJUSTING SCREEN - Depending on what TV you have, it may present a situation in which the the lettering from the MAIN Icon Headings is cut off on the right side on the screen. To fix this , simply go to SETTINGS, then DISPLAY, then SCREEN POSITION, then Zoom Out Screen to about 90%. Return to homescreen.

ENTER BTV - Click the BLUE BTV button on the remote or on the desktop click on the large rectangular box on the far left with the BTV Icon. You will see the MAIN CATEGORY selections on the left side of screen. Click into any of them to access the default addon for that type of media or you may scroll over & choose one of the applications (addons) in the sub menus if you cant find what your looking for in the default or just to explore options.

NOTE: A massive amount of streams are coming in from around the world & that means not all of them are going to be working or just not yet available at the time. So do not get discouraged (taking in consideration this is all free). We experiencing a success rate of finding available streams to watch & working at about 80% to 90%.

ADJUSTING SCREEN - Depending on what TV you have, it may present a situation in which the the lettering from the MAIN Icon Headings is cut off on the right side on the screen. To fix this , simply go to SETTINGS from homescreen, then DISPLAY, then SCREEN POSITION, then Zoom Out Screen to about 90%. Return to homescreen.

SELECTING SOMETHING TO WATCH - Use your “arrow” buttons to scroll through movie selections. Use the OK button to make a selection. Streams/links will appear  starting with 1,2,3 etc. Scroll down and select a stream. You will have a variety of quality on streams, 1080P would be one of the highest, then your have HD, SD (slower), HQ, MQ (medium quality).  Some Addons you may not have a selection of indicating the quality, so you may just select any stream.

BUFFERING - The higher the quality, the bigger the file, which in turn may cause slower loading. This potentially could cause buffering depending on various factors including your internet speed. When using movies and various other media, in which it is required to  select a stream, choosing a stream lower down in the order may give you better chances of getting better streams and faster loading (no buffering). Since most likely the majority of the users are choosing links at the top. If one is not working and/or starts buffering, then quickly choose another. If for some reason you happen to get multiple streams that are buffering, go ahead and pick one, start the stream, but then click the CENTER button, then you will see a menu bar, you should be able to click the CENTER button and it will pause. Keep it paused for a few minutes, (let the loading catch up) then click the CENTER button again to resume the stream (usually this will help so it will play continuously).

USING THE MENU BUTTON  (upper right of the big round button in the center of the remote) Using Movies and TV Shows Content, Once you click the MENU BUTTON you will have some of these important options:

Auto Play - This is a way to watch movies without having to choose a stream.  Click Auto Play and it will choose a stream for you and the movie will automatically begin to play. You can also select “Play Trailer” “Movie Information” “Add To Favorites” and more.

PAUSE OR STOP A STREAM  - To Pause any stream click the CENTER Button once which brings up MENU bar at the top, then click again on triangle to pause. To STOP a stream, scroll one icon over SQUARE icon and click to stop. Its always a good idea to stop a stream before going on to watch another.

FAST FORWARD, REWIND -. To move forward 30 seconds press the “Right Arrow” to move forward 10 minutes. Press the “Up Arrow” to move back 30 seconds press the “Left Arrow”. To move back 10 minutes press the “Down Arrow”.

ZOOM IN or OUT - If you happen to be viewing a selection that doesn't appear as "full screen" & has black space on the top and/or sides, you can click the CENTER button, the menu bar will appear at the top, scroll over to an icon that looks like an EYE, click on View Mode and change to Zoom. Scroll down to Zoom Amount and make your adjustments.

BOOKMARK - Click the CENTER button, then scroll over on the menu bar to the icon furthest to the left. Click in and create a bookmark. This will allow you to go back and continue to watch a Movie or TV Show where you left off.

SEARCH FOR A MOVIE or TV SHOW - Go to TV SHOWS or MOVIES in Main Menu, then in submenu go to Movie Extra1,2 or 3 or TV Extra1,2 or 3, then use the “Search” Category find a specific title or “Search People” to find media by a particular Actor or Actress.

USING SUBTITLES - Press the OK button on the remote, then arrow right until you get to the second icon from the end. Click on it to enter Subtitles Menu. and seem to have the biggest selection then 163sub. Choose one and click on it, then scroll down to choose a link. Once you click on one of the links the movie will continue to play using the selected language subtitles

CREATING A FAVORITES LIST - Once you are highlighted on any media (ex. TV Show) you may click the "Menu" button on the upper right of the CENTER button., Click "Add to Favorites". All of your selections will now appear in the “Favorites”, in the main menu.

RETURN TO DESKTOP - click on the HOME button, upper left of the CENTER button.

SETTING PARENTAL CONTROLS - Go to SETINGS in the Main Menu, then go to Video Addons sub menu, Find Channel Lock, Click Menu button on remote, go to Addon Settings > Choose & adjust “Pin Length”, scroll down and click on “Set Pin Value” (enter a pin# then it prompts you to re-enter pin# again).  Go back to the SETTINGS ICON in the MAIN MENU & click on Channel Lock in the submenu. Scroll down to & click into “Plugins”. Now you can scroll down and select any addon that you want to have blocked. Once you have made you selections and someone tries to enter that addon or application it will require the use of the pin#.

CLEARING THE CACHE - Once every so often it will be a good idea to use the  “Clear the Cache” link located under one of the main categories, to clear out unused files so that you can keep storage and memory in a working state, so that it will not slow your BTVi3 down.

TURNING OFF THE BTV - Go to the Main Menu and find the QUIT Category. Highlight and click the CENTER button, wait a few minutes, then the picture will return to the desktop, then you can power off the BTV.


WANT MORE MOVIES and even more variety content?
Go to Settings on your BTV Resources App.
Click on "Video Addons" in submenu

then scroll down to, find and "Save to Favorites" these addons:
Elysium, Exodus, Genisis Reborn, Gurzil, Goodfellas (has a News By State section and much more)  Sports: KO Boxing, NFL Teams, Planet MMA,
More Movies: Supremecy & Wolfpack (Variety)
ALSO....UK TURKS PLAYLISTS ( Movie section is awesome plus Stand Up Comedy, World Cams, Fitness, Concerts)
DELIVERANCE (be sure to favorite Concerts & Djs and Karaoke Room

then scroll down to GET MORE
Once in "Get More" you are in the big bank of addons.
Scroll down and find "Bucky Movies".. click on it and the INSTALL.
After Installing it will now be located in back in the "Video Addons" section. Find it an be sure to "Save to Favorites" by clicking the Menu button on your remote control while highlighted on the addon.
While in "Get More" can find: Physicality (Fitness)

ALSO be sure to go to the BTVi3 User Guide Page and save to your phones desktop

ADULT CONTENT - From Video Addons,
scroll down to "Hot Goo" play from there or save to Favorites. Scroll down to "Ultimate White Cream" and "Video Devil".

While highlighted on UK Turks Playlists in the Video Settings, you 
can click on the MENU button on the remote control and 
then choose Addon Settings, then you will see
"Show Adult Section in List" turn OFF to ON,
then click OK. Once yu go back into UK Turks it will ask you
to create a passcode. Includes Playboy TV,
Hustler TV and Penthouse TV